Saturday, July 26, 2008

Secret Life of Girl Gamers - The Video Games Live Review

The Video Games Live Review

We attended Video Games Live last Friday at the Kentucky Center of the Arts. Jack Wall conducted the Louisville Orchestra in a truly energetic, multimedia performance. Highlights included co-producer Tommy Tallarico introducing pieces, hosting the on-stage competitions, and introducing surprise guests, such as Martin Leung - the Video Game Pianist. Oh, and let's not forget how he rocked out on stage with his guitar, as he and Jack brought together the Orchestra, and the Louisville Choir in an incredible fusion of music, lights, and video. The crowd was enthusiastic and engaged. One of my favorite parts came when Tommy asked for people to open their cell phones (rather than flick their lighters on) and the crowd obliged. Some had smartphones and there was even one laptop in the crowd. I must admit, I had an internal squeek of geeker joy.

It was an incredible experience and we'll will certainly be attending next year!


Video Games Live
Tommy Tallarico's website
Jack Wall's website
The Video Game Pianist
The Louisville Orchestra
Computers Plus
Razer - For Gamers. By Gamers.
Overclocked Remix
The last posting from w00tz! We wish them well and hope to hear from them again in the future.
Read about the release of the Video Games Live - volume 1 CD release!

Some of the Girl Gamers' favorite games:
Toejam and Earl - Steph
Bioshock - Jacqui
Final Fantasy 7 - Carol

The LeetStreet Boys video Yuri the Only One just how many game references *do* they make? And what's with the Sephi/Napoleon Dynamite thing?

The Ms. Pacman Music Video by The Go! Team, a Brighton-based band.

Here's the link to the Numa Numa song on YouTube, though according to Jacqui, I'm the last person on the intarweb to see it...

There are several knock-offs, though I really like the Numa Numa Lego version.

And just for the hell of it - some Red vs. Blue

And let's not forget the pictures!

Some CosPlay from the pre-show.

Nifty swag given as prizes.

Jack and Tommy at the meet and greet.

Post-show comments are still in the editing stage. Look for those and some show-outtakes soon!

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Anonymous said...

Really enjoyable review of the show! Wish I could have met y'all, maybe we could have squeezed in a little cross OCR/SLoGG interview :)

I had a great time, and it sounded like you did too. Hearing your retelling helps to relive the memory, so to say. And thanks for the mention of OCR in your podcast as well, very much appreciated! :)

Hope you had a chance to download the Jade Empire song, which is actually a dual-remix between Jade Empire (original OST by Jack) and Global Gladiators (original OST by Tommy). At any rate, here's the link in case you missed it - (just click on the "download" tab)

Also, I have an intel mac that I boot up into Windows. Just thought I'd brag about it. ;)