Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Episode 6 - Part 2 - Video Games Live, Diablo III, Spore and more!

Episode 6 - Part 2 - Video Games Live!

The sensational "Video Games Live!" is coming to Louisville, KY, July 18th, and the Girl Gamers are going to be there to cover it! I know we haven't talked a lot about video games, but all of us are video gamers on various consoles, as well as PC games, including MMORPGs such as 'World of Warcraft'. We also talk about current releases from Blizzard, and the very popular and addictive Spore, so download part 2!

Video Games Live

Check out a You Tube video of Video Games Live

Louisville Orchestra presents Video Games Live at the Kentucky Center for the Arts, Whitney Hall

Buy Tickets!!

We'll also be interviewing (it's in the works!!!) Tommy Tallarico, producer of Video Games Live

One of Jacqui's favorite composers, Jack Wall, will also be there, and I'll be purchasing a recorder to take with us so we can get (hopefully!) some on-the-spot interviews as well.

Blizzard's website with the Diablo III trailer

And just for the hell of it, the Wall-E website

Stretch your imagination and go to the Spore site and download the Spore Creature Creator

Download Episode

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