Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Conventions, what are they, and how do I survive one?

From Carol: So the bleeding edge of the Dresden Files didn't happen due to personal issues, but I plan on at least beta'ing. I swear work won't completely eat my soul...

We're back from a short hiatus. We've hit our fifth episode! In one take even!

We discuss Conventions, and really get into the guts of what they are, and what goes on at one.

What can you do at one? Scheduling your time around gaming, panels, volunteering, filking, jam sessions, room parties, navigating the huckster room, the art shows, guests, kid-friendly programming tracks, hanging with your friends and avoiding the undesirables. The practical matters of conventioning: booking your hotel room, pre-registering, who are your con-mates? What about food, drink, and what if you bring the kids? Just on the edge of a PG-14 rating on this one...some language.

We need feedback, people! We haven't really heard much from our listeners lately. Let us know you're out there, and what you want to hear us discuss.




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