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Episode 6 - Part 1 - D&D 4th Edtion Overview - 7/9/2008 69:18

Episode 6 – Part 1 - D&D 4th Edition Overview – 7/9/2008

This episode is so jam-packed with gamer-goodness it's actually *two* episodes!

First, overall, we’re a *little* bit late, apologies for that. Jacqui has an important announcement to make, which is also to become a topic for a future episode. And we announce our outing to, and future review of, the Louisville Orchestra performing "Video Games Live" in Louisville July 18th. Be on the lookout here for an interview with the producer, Tommy Tallarico, soon.

In this episode however, we give an overview of our first impressions of D&D 4th Edition. Through the Player's Handbook, we see the goal to broaden the appeal of the game without sacrificing the core that has attracted gamers for the last 30+ years. In the Dungeon Masters Guide, we see a thorough how-to for the new GM, including different player-types and how to involve them productively in the game. The Monster Manual has a wide-range of challenging critters and creatures to engage the players. Sadly, though, we also noticed that there is a distinct lack of rabid chipmunks in said Monster Manual. However, even with that disappointing realization, the organization and layout of the new books are incredibly user-friendly, and the artwork, with one notable exception, is beautiful and evocative.

We discuss a preponderance of elves, and get a little in-depth into the new additions of Dragonborn and Tieflings.


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Anonymous said...

Great episode - I'm also pretty excited to jump into 4E, but I've got to wrap my v.3.5 Planescape game first.

I'm inclined to agree about the Player's Handbook cover. They had a different piece of art in mind to begin with, but changed to the current one when they started worrying about how foreign markets would react to the tiefling. Shades of the eighties!

Here's the best scan I could find of the original cover art: