Wednesday, February 27, 2008

In-Character Relationships...of a romantic nature 2/28/2008

From Carol: Sorry this is so late. Totally my fault.

This episode we discuss in-character relationships. Player-character / Non-player character, player-character / player-character, and even Non-player character / Non-player character (hey - it's entertainment for the PCs at least).

Why are they good for the game? When are they not good for the game? How do you extract your character from one? How do you inject a relationship into the game? We discuss our own experiences and comfort levels in having our characters interact with other characters in a romantic way.

Warning: We do discuss levels of relationships that are considered fairly mature. We also talk about darker plot points that we think should be avoided. Both may not be suitable for younger listeners.

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Charlie E/N said...

Just discovered you guys through the All Games Considered past podcasts.
Awesome stuff. Got home and subscribed to your podcast right away.

I've had some experience with gaming and relationships, sometimes good, sometimes bad.
As a GM I couldn't abide spectators who weren't playing as it creeped me out a bit. That way, Anna, or "Crazy Rat Lady" joined the group. Developmentally she was little over a kid and kept a rat in a pencil case (they died often, it wasn't good). Still, in character she and her boyfriend both managed to role-play being in relationships and not (mostly not). Any relationships were defined by character.
As we have been almost entirely an all-male group, relationships between male and female characters have been touched upon lightly, including some unrequited love or utter farce. A one night stand with a cleric of a god of vengeance led to the group's ranger trying to gain power by seducing the naive cleric to the pair ending up in a relationship through his fear. They adopted a kobold from egg form and grew together from that.