Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Episode 9 - Gamer Parenting

Episode 9 - Gamer Parenting

Sorry about the delay - we didn't have our full recording kit, and we gave the Olympus WS-110 a run for its money.

This episode was suggested by our expectant co-host, Jacqui, and for this, we invite two Gamer Moms; Michele (who at the time of recording was expecting) and Robin (who after 5 children is expecting at least a couple of them to support her in her retirement). At the time of this posting, Michele, her husband Woody, and big sister Abby, have welcomed Katie into their happy gaming family. And we're happy to report that all are well :).

Stephanie and I have been around kids in gaming for years, whether that has meant bringing them along with a significant other, moving the game to the location where the Player/Parent is/making our homes kid-friendly, or...always being prepared...having a current phonebook with the number to Poison Control.

Stephanie also hosts a kid-friendly board-game night, where the kids are encouraged to play as well, so that parents can hang out with their friends and their kids can also play together, and in the process, exposing them to situations and
different people, and socializing them.

As we get older and have kids, or have an increasing number of friends with them, we have to adjust our schedules and accommodate these responsibilities. This doesn't mean less enjoyment of the hobby, at least it doesn't have to.

We address issues such as taking care of the very wee ones, sharing responsibilities with your partner, and eventually, should they choose to game as well, introduce the kiddos to the hobby. Gaming can also teach kids to reason and think critically, however we never do quite answer the question of how many gamers it takes to back a moving van up a driveway ;).

Also - computer roleplaying - the kids do it, we do it - it's not exactly being around the table, but it's still social - so how do you WoW with the wee (or not so wee) ones around? We manage to fit a mini-discussion of D&D 4.0 - and regarding kids - we discuss the relationship between what WoTC is doing with their online content and trying to entice the "next generation" of gamers into the realm of D&D, by moving the paper and pen games to the virtual arena.

There's a LOT of laughing in this one - I can't explain it - there just is :).

We take a detour around a 8-10 minute discussion of Spore, Jacqui's travails with purchasing said game, and the dreaded DRM as well (however, there's a relevant tie-in - seriously!!!)

We also ended up having a mini-review of D&D 4.0 now that some of us around the table have played or ran it, but that's been split off as a separate recording - watch this space for the follow-up ;)

Enjoy - and please - feedback!!! Other Gamer Parents, Moms or Dads, please let us know - how does your gaming group handle children, or do they?


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Heath said...

My current GM's wife had her baby last summer. Our group took 3 month off for the lead up, the birth and the recovery. Our game started back up in Sept. Durring out Friday night game theGM's wife would watch the baby while we gamed, with some baby breaks as needed. With in the last few weeks the baby got her walk legs and is more mobile and has shown up at the table to sit in her daddy's lap. That my story and I am sticking to it.