Sunday, December 16, 2007

Gift Ideas

Update: The show has been edited - we lost a lot of audio in chunks and I've been inserting explanatory narrative in some spots.

Update: Carol has been pulling out her hair to get Audacity and her computer to cooperate. We'll get it up as soon as we can.

We talk about great gift ideas for the geek in your life. Yeah, yeah, it's a little late in the season. We're working on geek time.

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Think Geek
Geek Label
Perpetual Kid
Archie McPhee All hail the zombie devil duckie
Pyramid Collection
Noble Collection
Despair, Inc.

Here are the lyrics to the gamers 12 Days of Christmas that kinda sorta made it into the podcast:

12 Month WoW subscription
11 Star Wars minis
10 Cheap Ass board games
9 Take-out menus
8 Points of sanity
7 Swords a' swinging
6 Mountain Dews
5 Vampire clans
4 Dots in Potence
3 .5 Rules
2 Tickets to Gencon
And dice in a Crown Royal bag.

Intro music is "Made of Fiction" by Anemo located on PodShow Podsafe Music Network.
Exit music is "Jedi Girl" by T. Randolph Scott located on PodShow Podsafe Music Network.


SambearPoet said...

Hi! Where's the MP3 link? Me want :)

Stephanie said...

Just click on the big orange "Gift Ideas" had trouble with that myself ;)

Ian Hewitt said...

Your outro song is really great.

May I recommend a youtube link to a song (by a girl gamer) called d20 Love: